Notion Client Portal - Notion Template

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Notion Client Portal - Notion Template

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The Client Portal - Notion Template is chocked full of valuable resources for a smooth brand/web design project. It enables you to create a branded client experience all the way from onboarding to launch! Keeping your projects organized and on schedule is hard - cue "The Client Portal - Notion Template." Not only will this template keep everyone on the same page, but it's fun and easy to use!

"Client Portal - Notion Template" features:

→ Branded & Thoughtful Client Experience

→ Minimalistic Design with Clear Process Steps

→ Easy & Straightforward Navigation

→ Confidently Collect Content

→ Easily Share Affiliate Resources with Clients

→ Client Guides for Imagery, File Types, and Business Resources.

→ Efficiently Share Deliverables with Clients

Bonus Items:

⚡️ Unbranded Client Walk-Through Video

⚡️ Website Content Prompts

⚡️ Project Guides for Your Clients

⚡️ Canva Templates for Branded Covers + Icons

There's so much more to this template. Get started right away with this done-for-you client process & portal!

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